We always highly recommend buy tickets in advance for most of the clubs of the island. It does not matter if the club has room for 10,000 people, for instance, because most probably you will have a very unpleasant experience when you realize you can not enter to the club or to hear the DJ that you wish see on a given date.

In Ibiza you have to be cautious and buy in advance the tickets for the flight, to book the hotel, for the clubs and fancy venues, to hire cars and yachts and to book the best restaurants.

If you are unable to decide by yourself because the lack of time, you can leave that task to a concierge service that it will organize your stay on your behalf. If you give them your enter and exit date, where do you want to go, and what's your budget the concierge service will solve for you all your schedule.

But if you are not so rich for hire a concierge, follow the next tips.

  • Buying tickets for Clubs: 

These places are the easy ones to get tickets in advance. Prices at the ticket offices are higher and mostly you can only buy tickets for the same day, so you run the risk to be unable to buy one if the pre advance sell has sold all the availables 'seats'.  But if you try to buy tickets for well known parties or DJs - ie David Guetta, Martin Garrix and others - forget about to get entrance that night.
If you do not mind the big parties and grand DJ names, all the clubs have "weak" nights where the prices are lower and you will not have problems to find tickets for the same day.

Where to buy tickets for a given club in advance? 

Most of the clubs have areas in their websites ready to accept online purchase of the tickets. Usually payment is made in full and you will receive by email or directly to your cellphone the ticket or tickets. Clubs offer only a limited quantity of tickets for its online sell (sometimes less than 100 !) See here a list of clubs and their weblinks to online selling.

There are some secondary web source to buy tickets. Surprisingly some of those secondary sources have more tickets on sale than the club itself. Why? Because they have agreements with the clubs. The most know secondary source are Ticketmaster, Ibiza Spotlight etc.

Do I have advantages because I bought the ticket online? 

Not much, only that you are sure you will get into the Club that night. But not "the whole" night. Some clubs do not allow to go later than 2 a.m, so be careful about the small letter of your ticket and learn before time dress code and closing validity time for your entrance.

In some clubs you have a premiun entrance for online purchase and thus you do not have to suffer long queues. Some others, like Pacha, due to the special shape of its door entrance, are unable to offer such "distinction".

May I change the ticket if I decide to come another day ?

It is up to the Club. Always read conditions before to undertake a purchase.

  • Presale for Clubs

Another way to buy tickets is directly in the island. Maybe you will feel a bit stupid when you'll arrive to the island waving your tickets bought through Internet and you see how they apparently offer the same in almost all restaurants and bars, at the counter of every hotel or even when you take the sun over the sand's beach.

However, you are not stupid. First, because what they offer use to be tickets for secondary parties and second because they are more expensive than the ones you purchased online. Moreover, if you ask for a specific party most probably they will not have it. Therefore, in spite what it seems, the island is not full of "good tickets".

But if you do not mind what party and what dj, then you must not concern because you will have a seat somewhere, somehow.

  • Combined tickets

Some large business groups like Pacha or Ushuaïa provide add on tickets if you have purchased valuable services in their facilities like restaurant meals or stays in their hotels. For instance, if you stay in hotels that belong to Pacha Group - El Hotel Pacha and Destino Ibiza - you can go for free to Pacha Club.

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