Lío Ibiza opens on 23rd May 2017

The famous cabaret Lio Ibiza, a benchmark of the show in Europe, opens the season on 23rd May 2017. We do not have details of the opening party but we are sure it will be full of surprises. What we do know is that the central reservation of Pacha - owner of Lio - is extremely busy with reservations requests, many of which have been already received since the summer of 2016 (!!). In order to avoid over-booking, Lío Ibiza now will accept only reservations for the current year that most probably will end with the New Year's Eve party (usually celebrated at Pacha Ibiza).

How reservations work in Lío Ibiza :

First you have to go to contact page and make your request. To send the request does not assure you have the right to go in the wished date. You have to wait to receive the acceptance of the reservations central of Pacha. They will contact you using the email and, sometimes, by phone call. If on date there is still booking chance, they will tell you how to make the reservation and the pre  payment. If there is no place, they will ask you to choose another date or they will keep you in waiting list if any of the pre bookings is cancelled at the last minute. They can even call you some hours before the show starts, so keep your cellphone on and near to you !

What is funny in Lío :

Lío is one of the best places in Ibiza. First you can have a very nice supper because it has one of the best restaurants in the island. Second, while you take supper you are amused with first class perfomances. Cabaret numbers, flamenco dancers or even top singers like Seal or Paul Anka infront of you. But not only this, all the dancers and entertainers do really interact with you to make you feel part of the show. And finally, when the show and dinner is over, Lío becomes a sophisticated club where best DJs make you dance all night long.



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